About Us

About our Brand

Are you an urban fashion enthusiast who loves to make huge statements with your clothing and style each time you step out? Do you love to spice up your wardrobe now and then with some high-quality urban wears that come at a fraction of the regular cost? We all love great deals and having the opportunity to purchase urban clothing, that has a higher quality than what you get from the big brands, for a much lower price, is a bargain.

KingKobra.net is an online store that specializes in the sale of trendy and high-quality urban clothing and accessories at affordable prices. Whether you are looking to get some new sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, or hats and caps, you can always trust us to offer you a plethora of options at industry-low prices.

What Inspired King Kobra?

My name is Iurie Savin; I have always been a fan and lover of urban fashion. For me, it's a way of life, and lots of people look up to me for urban fashion inspiration. However, I noticed a trend that needed to change. I discovered that were people paying lots of money to get quality products from big brands, but in reality, they were paying exorbitant prices for the name of these brands.

This "rip off" inspired me to start "King Kobra," an urban clothing line that offers trendy, high quality (higher quality than what you get from the big brands) urban clothing at industry-low prices. So, in short, we are bringing urban fashion to the doorstep of everyone at the most affordable price.

Our Mission

Our primary mission at King Kobra is to help people from all works of life express themselves better by offering them premium-grade urban clothing and accessories at prices they won't find elsewhere.

Want to join the urban fashion community? Take a look at our various categories and collection, and get high-quality products for a fraction of what the big brands are offering.